Transparent Billing for Businesses

Hourly Cost of Web Development

Billing rounded of to the minute so you pay only for the work done

    Accurate Billing / Transparent Model / Timely Support


    Hourly Pricing for Web Services

    We offer transparent billing and our billing is rounded of by-the-minute.

    For eg. If you requested for a service which took 1 hour 17 minutes to complete, we will be rounding it off to 1 hour and 15 minutes, or if the service provided took 1 hour 18 minutes to complete, we will round it of to 1 hour and 20 minutes.

    There are many companies that try to charge you by the hour, so if they spend 1 hour 20 minutes on your project, they will be charging you for two hours. Also, at Zycoon Media, we believe in being honest. Over the years, our honest billing has paid off in terms of repeated work from the same client. We have always seen a happy client returning back with more work. Its the trust that we build over time and that long term relationship with our customers is why we are still in the industry.

    Canadian Web Development Billed Right

    Canadian Firm

    We are a Canadian Web Development Agency that believes in long-term client relationship, trust and connections. We also make sure that your company data is in secure hands, for this, we try to keep your data on US or Canadian hosting servers, we add additional security to websites to protect them from malicious actors.

    Billing By The Minute

    Our billing method is truly revolutionary, where some other web companies also provide hourly prices, your website may be handled by an intern/fresher, who is learning and does not have vast experience, thus even with a correct billing, you will be over-paying for services, and work quality may also be compromised.

    Log Reports Available

    We have optional timesheet logs available that can help business to time track their project. The reason that its optional is because we believe in bill less and deliver more, and for this, we invoice for lower time than actually used allowing our customers to enjoy lower bills. Once we enable timesheet logs, we stick by the absolute time taken to complete the task.

    * Our by-the-minute billing only works if you are requesting for a task that takes atleast 1 hour to complete. Any smaller tasks are rounded of to 15 minutes of time. For eg. if you request for some content correction that took us 6 minutes to complete, you will be billed for 15 minutes. There is always overhead involved in completing small tasks and going back and forth between different tasks. As we do provide support for our existing clients, or for the future clients who will require constant support in the future once the project is complete, we try to be transparent with how we bill. So any minor task that may take 20 minutes to complete will be billed for 30 minutes. This is the most honest approach that we follow and though others may say that they will bill you by the minute, truth is that they will add artificial hours/minutes to the bill to cover the overhead. We do not like that type of approach and try to be clear / upfront of how it works at Zycoon Media.

    If you have any question about our billing, you can quickly reach us and we will be happy to answer your billing questions.