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Organic Social Media

Boost your business visibility through organic Social Media Marketing

    Organic Social Media Marketing done right

    Organic Social Media Marketing

    Organic SMM or organic social market is a simple business concept of being social. Any company who is regularly updating their social networks is actually being able to manage their organic SMM just fine. Now the question is, can organic social media be helpful and at what levels. The simple answer is that having regular business updates on social networks is a way to interact with your customers and followers but the process requires a staff person or a hiring a professional to manage posting updates on Social Media networks. Even with a lot of followers and customers, sometimes organic SMM does not work to its full potentials and paid Social Media advertising plays a crucial role in the success of business. Some Web Service providers combine SMM and SEO to boost your Search Rankings for improved business success. But lets not get into paid SMM, we are only going to talk about Organic one and how it works.

    Implementation of Organic SMM

    There are different approaches for implementing Social Media Organic Campaign, some use in-house Social Network management and some hire remote professionals that handle their social media accounts and post regular updates for users. Any company that does complete SMM performs both paid and organic management but based on limited business budget, they may not opt for paid social media and just use the limited budget towards Search Engine Advertising. At Zycoon Media, we do it differently, even if a customer does not have budget for paid SMM service, we setup an automated solution for our customers where you can switch to our hosting servers and we will connect your business website to our social automation tool that will allow you to create a centralized update on your website that once published, will be auto published on all connected social platforms. We currently provide social automation for Facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin for our hosting customers. The social automation tool is available for a price of $500 yearly and is solely available for our hosting customers that use wordpress. If you are not with us and have a different service provider, you can check with your current web development company for if they have anything similar to help your business grow.

    Posting Business Updates

    To keep connected with your customers and followers, its critical to regularly post any of your business update, for eg. if you have launched a new service or if your business is bringing up some changes or any expansion news. The idea is to broadcast to the public that your business is growing.

    Posting General Discussions on relevant niche

    Always sharing business updates takes customers away as it is kind of boring to always hear the same thing. Lets be creative and come up with some general discussion related to business such that your customers can participate in the discussions.

    Posting offers / discounts  on Social Networks for your products or services

    This is something that every customer or prospective client is looking for. To keep social networks highly beneficial and attractive, post some discounts from time to time just for your social network followers, this way assures that your followers stay tuned and do not unfollow your business network.

    Organic SMM for business feedback

    Every business has tries to deliver the best service possible but that does not always end up good and sometimes there are customers with bad taste of your business. A way to make sure that your business knows how your customers feel and to improve based on feedback, it is helpful to get your social network followers involved in the feedback process. This is a two-way process, on one end, a business is able to improve their shortcomings and on the other end, it gives a indirect message to customer that the business is trying to improve and wants to listen to customers.

    All the above SMM ideas above can really help a customer to drive more followers on social networks. Once your social followers start interacting with your network, your visibility will also improve and friends of your followers may also connect with your business for your product or service. All the above organic SMM if combined with paid SMM can actually boost your business public visibility.