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Image SEO

Google Seo By Canadian Firm
Utilizing SEO techniques for Images on your website not only helps improve Image Search Rankings but it also improves text…

WordPress / cPanel Email Delivery Issue

Wordpress Email Delivery Issues Cpanel
Wordpress when hosted on cPanel server may cause issues with email delivery. What they are and how we can resolve…

Windsor Website & SEO

Windsor Website Design Search Engine Optimization
Web Services in Windsor, Ontario to help business grow. We help businesses in Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media…

MySQL Performance Booster

Website Speed Optimization
Speed is one of the top factors to consider when getting s website developed for your end-users. During our 20+…

Track Indexing on Search Console

Google Search Console Indexing Issues
Google may be having difficulty indexing your website, how to find if google is properly indexing your website using Search…

Image Optimization

Image Optimization To Improve Website Speed
Images on a website can become a bandwidth hog leading to slower loading pages. Optimized Image Delivery is a must…

SMM & WordPress

Wordpress can help your business grow at a faster pace – all we need to do is to connect the…

3rd Party Firewall on cPanel

Third Party Firewall On Cpanel
A Strong and properly configured Firewall on your cPanel server can save you from loosing server resources to attacks, bots…

cPanel Country Blacklisting

Country Blocking Using Firewall
If you do not provide services in a country where your website is receiving tons of traffic and attacks from,…

Caching Dynamic Pages

Page Cache To Improve Website Speed
Page Caching technique is used to boost webpage loading speed and reduce server load, is your business website page cache…

Mobile-First Indexing

Mobile First Indexing
Get Optimized for Mobile-First Indexing by perfecting the website layout across different small screen devices and improve your search visibility.

Serving Images via CDN

Web Server Enhancements
CDN can help save bandwidth and help off-load content delivery via 3rd party server thus helping website load faster and…

Merge / Minify CSS & JS

Code Minification Website Page Speed
Optimizing stylesheets and javascript files by utilizing technique that allows combining the css/js files into one and minifying them.

WordPress on Page Builders

Web Design Using Page Builder
Using Page Builders can help boost the speed of designing a web page in Wordpress, Is your Business Website powered…

Improve Website Security

Enhance Website Security
Enhance your website security to protect your business data from falling in hands of bad actors.

Dedicated Database Server

Remote Database Hosting Server
Remote hosting of database to help your business grow : How and why of a local vs remote database.

UX Design

Website Ux Design Development
UX & UI Design services that can help you to bolster your conversions and improve your business profits.

Backlinking: Worth It?

Search Engine Optimization Toronto
Quality links back to your website can help boost SEO and if done correctly, may help improve website positioning.

Creating Business Presence

Creating Business Presence
Capture your Local Business Market by perfecting your online presence – Sky Rocket your new business easily.

Website Uptime for SEO

Seo With High Uptime
Website Uptime contributes to SEO positioning – An always available website is the key for higher rankings.

All About WordPress @ Zycoon Media

Wordpress can help your business grow, but you may need an expert advise to get the perfection.

Create website from scratch

Build New Website From Scratch
Brand new website built from scratch – Easy and fast development for businesses for their online presence.

Moving Website to New Server

Move Transfer Hosting Account New Server
Want to move your website from one hosting to another or from a shared to a VPS or dedicated server,…

Opcache vs CDN vs Page Cache

Best Caching Opcache Cdn Apache Page Browser Cache
Caching website to speed up delivery : Different caching mechanisms available and how they can help in improving page speed.

Fix on-page issues to boost SEO

Technical Onpage Seo Fixes Improvements
Fix technical issues by improving content availability, server performance and website response time thus improving SEO score.

Dynamic Website using a CMS

Dynamic Website Using Cms Software
Dynamic website development using open-source CMSes such as Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal is a norm. Is your website powered by…

Website Backups / How To

Website Backups
Website backups are critically important for every small, medium and large scale business – Is your backup plan good enough?

Million Page Website using WordPress

Serving a large website with millions of pages to serve to customers : A highly optimized website will allow your…

Broken MySQL Database Repair

Repair Mysql Database Broken Table
Safely repairing your broken MySQL database using SSH / Terminal / PHPMyAdmin to get back your website up and running…

cPanel settings for Improving Page Speed

cPanel Optimize Website Setting
cPanel optimization settings to help boost website loading speed and allow visitors to browse your website faster.

Web Design & SEO in Vancouver

Website Design and Seo Vancouver
Website Design & Full on-page SEO service provided for Vancouver city businesses, reliable and cost effective solutions for your success.

Website for Small Business Owners

web design accross canada
Customized Web Services for Small Businesses across Canada by Toronto based Firm – Unlock your potential market reach.

Hosting Website on High Performance Server

Fastest Hosting Server For Business Website
Extremely fast loading website now possible by hosting your business website on a super fast server powered by a SSD…

Handling WordPress Updates

Handling Wordpress Core, Plugins, Theme updates correctly, generate backups during all stages and perform QA.

WordPress on Latest PHP

Wordpress Php Version Switch
Update Wordpress to Latest version of PHP for improved security & performance : Professional approach for PHP version switching.

WordPress for Small Businesses

Migrate Switch To Wordpress
Wordpress Migration by Zycoon Team : With our in-house migration team, we can help you easily transition to Wordpress.

Two Decades of Web Expertise

web design accross canada
TWO Decades of Web Development Experience for boosting your online presence : Masters of Web Technology

Social Media for Business Success

Multiple social media platforms exist and it may look like a chaos, managing all of them. Not all the networks…

Boost Search Engine Ranking

Search Engines provide a source of traffic and in this age of connected technologies, online business greatly relies on its…

Why is your wordpress website loading slow?

boost wordpress speed performance
From slow hosting to poorly written code, dont let your business website run at a snail speed.

Reliability vs Cost considerations hiring a Web Developer

Starting a new business and searching for a low cost web developer? Reliability and quality is the key.

Optimizing website layout for better customer interaction

optimized website layouts toronto
Increase customer retention by choosing the right layout for your business website, hire the right team to handle your website…

Website Design during Coronavirus Covid-19

Ecommerce Website Design
Get a business website developed by experts during the current pandamic, COVID-19 is here to stay, so lets up the…

Website Design Company in Toronto Downtown

Website Design Downtown Toronto
Business in Toronto Downtown can now reach us for their business website designing requirements.