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    Have you considered switching from your existing website management software to one that is simplified and easy to manage. With a lot of high end companies and organizations using WordPress for managing their websites, the question arises on why these companies migrated to a different system. Been using multiple systems over the years, we have found WordPress to be end-user friendly, that being mentioned, for the backend system developers, its easier to deploy new software and code without the need to improve on the core software. With wordpress being open-source, and being highly maintained by a large community, while receiving hundreds of security improvement every year, companies have found migrating to wordpress to be a cost effective solution. While on a custom build software or on a CMS that is not as popular as WordPress, it received lower security patches thus being open to multiple loopholes. With millions of websites using WordPress to power their business, this CMS is flexible and can be used to deploy a professional website for any business, let it be an ecommerce website or a membership website. Switching from Joomla, Drupal, Magento to Woocommerce is a cost saver and will allow owners to easily manage their own business website easily.

    Switching is also not that complex, migrating database data and files from one CMS to another, if done by a professional web firm, will make sure that you retain all data from your existing website. WordPress also has a lot of 3rd party plugin support that adding a new feature does not require complete coding, a web development company like Zycoon Media can setup and existing plugin and modify the plugin source code as required if a custom functionality is required that the plugin is short of. A simple example would be installing Woocommerce plugin to allow ecommerce and on top of that, installing a plugin to send email to customers, but that free or paid plugin may miss feature such as sending emails to customers according to their time zone. We will make transitioning to wordpress a breeze. Our experts in WordPress Migration will setup a development environment where we will make the desired migration. Once the switching to dev is complete, we will push dev to live, this deploying the wordpress based website for the live users.

    If you have any question or query on wordpress migration, contact Zycoon Media today.