Move Shopify Data into Wordpress System

Shopify to WordPress Migration

Shopify Store Migration to Wordpress service is now available

    Hire Canadian Web Masters for Moving Shopify to WordPress

    Years of Experience in WordPress Migrations

    Migrate Shopify To Wordpress

    Do you have a shopify store and want to move to your own hosted wordpress setup, then Zycoon Media is ideally the best option for your migration. With years of WordPress experience including coding custom plugins / themes and migration of ecommerce data from different system into woocommerce, we have successfully migrated shopify into wordpress website.

    Custom Shopify Migration Script developed for Our Clients

    Shopify Wordpress Migration

    Are you a Canadian or North American Business Owner using Shopify for selling your products or services but want to switch to WordPress, if yes, ZycoonMedia can help you out. With our two decades of experience in Web Development and creating custom php solutions to solve simple and complex issues, we can assist you with your migration. Our team will build a fully customized php code that will import your Shopify data into Woocommerce / wordpress and will allow you to switch from a cloud-hosted platform to a self-hosted system where you have broader choice on use of plugin and themes plus you also have the ability to hire a wordpress developer who can modify any plugin as per the system need are.

    Complete Shopify to WP Transfer

    Shopify Products to WordPress Import

    We will create a custom php script to handle migration of both simple and variable products and will products will be properly mapped with the associated product categories and sub-categories. Full migration including transfer of product and category images is handled by our team.

    Shopify Orders to WordPress Import

    Migration of data such as order date, tax, discount, subtotal, total, order number, order items and any other data related to order will be migrated to Woocommerce. Migration of orders from shopify to Woocommerce will allow website owner to keep existing data intact for any future reference.

    Shopify Customers to WordPress Import

    We will make migration away from shopify a breeze. We are not just limited to importing the customer data, with our unique ideas, we can enhance the system such as allow existing customers to login thus allowing them to view order history and place new orders as a logged in user.

    Complete migration regardless of the size of your shopify stores, we will move all products, customers and orders. Before starting the process, we will setup woocommerce properly and prepare it for the migration, any custom field data, any additional plugins required to mimic the shopify functionality, we will do a complete initial review and prepare the development environment where the import can be handled.