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    Website load speed is vital for users as well as search engines, thus performance optimization comes into play. As for the users, a slow website may be a deal breaker, with a slow loading website may completely throw timeout when receiving huge traffic, for the search engines also, speed is the key. Consider a situation where one search engine results open slow, you navigate to one website and it takes forever to open and then you go back to search results and open second listing and it throws timeout error, and then you try a different search engine and it only lists website that load super fast even on the slowest internet connection.

    Would you consider using the search engine that lists website that are super slow? Definitely, the answer is no. It has not been easy ride for google as well, it had tough competition from Bing (once MSN) and Yahoo, but with it focus on user satisfaction and user oriented results, it is now a king. Well, website speed may not be everything but is one of the major factors considered for search engine positioning. Also, you would not want your potential client to navigate away just because the website is crawling/loading at snail speed.

    At Zycoon Media, we do care about you and your business. Each website we develop is hand-coded for optimal performance.

    We look into various issues present in your website and try to work around the underlying issues to reduce stress/load on your website and drastically improve the time to load complete page. Some of the first-aid that we deal in:

    • Server Optimization (if you have VPS or dedicated server, we optimize it for boosting performance)
    • Upgrade the website to use latest PHP version
    • Code Optimization / remove unnecessary/excess coding
    • Review modules / plugins that are not coded properly
    • Error logs / remove errors present in the website
    • Reduce number of resources required to load the theme
    • Minimize the use of javascript/jquery
    • Lazy Load resources that do not require immediate loading
    • Add caching (multiple levels of cache to serve page faster)
    • Reduce redirects & minimize time to first byte
    • Move external resources to load locally

    This is a very small list for website performance boost and we have 100’s of action items that if done correctly will lead to increased user retention, reduced server load and improved UI functionality.

    Website Speed Auditing & Improvement

    We not only provide WordPress Speed Optimization to our clients, we also deal with a lot of other CMS systems that are slow and we optimize them and make them load super fast both on backend and frontend. Faster is better but fastest is the best. With fierce competition, every single sale counts and to make sure every sale happens, the visitor needs to be able to load the website fast and combined with a nice UI, the user experience is optimal. To achieve this, we look into following area for optimization to happen:

    Server Optimization

    Server Optimization Toronto Canada

    We are server masters and when it comes to websites, we have optimized many apache/php/mysql based linux servers for optimum speed. We audit servers using auditing tools and if there are any issues such as low disk performance or memory issues, we provide complete report.

    PHP Optimization

    PHP Optimization Canada Toronto

    PHP based websites are often prone to issues if old version of PHP is used, ZycoonMedia can upgrade the whole system to utilize the latest PHP and optimize PHP using ZEND/Opcache for powerful performance. Upgrading to newer PHP also helps in improving website security.

    Code Optimization

    Website Code Optimization Canada Toronto

    Is your website coded badly and lots of excess code is causing errors/warnings/timeouts and other issues that are your driving your business wild. We can audit the code for any errors / redundancy and make required modifications to improve page speed thus reducing TTFB.

    Time to First Byte

    Ttfb Canada Toronto

    TTFB is one of the major factors effecting slow websites. For improvements in time to first byte, many connected issues need to be resolved related to server and php configuration. Code bloating can also cause slowness. Zycoon Media team can assist in minimizing TTFB.

    Content Delivery Network

    Cdn Optimization Canada Toronto

    CDNs can be helpful with performance gains if setup correctly. Zycoon Media can use a content delivery network with page rules customized for different areas of the website. For a dynamic website, all resources cannot be cached via a CDN and requires a customized setup to serve resources.

    Malware Cleanup

    Website Malware Removal Canada

    While not all slow website are infected, but if gone undetected, a malware infected website can do a great harm. Malware in website can lead to it users info (such a payment method info) being shared with third party. We perform in-house website malware audits and removal if required.

    Resolve Render Blocking

    Render Blocking Optimization Canada

    Render blocking resources are not easy to get rid of due to the reason that today’s websites are powered by CMS systems that allow using multiple third party plugins for additional functionality. Our experts can review your theme and plugins for reducing render blocking code.

    Minimize HTTP Requests

    Minimize Http Requests Canada Toronto

    There are multiple options for reducing http requests, apart from combining css/js files into one, we can replace fonts/images with optimized versions + add some sort of resource lazy load/ async to resources that are not critical for initial paint or load.

    Remove External Requests

    Remove External Requests Website Optimization

    Loading resources from multiple external providers can cause DNS delays which infact adds to the milliseconds. Our page speed experts can move the resources locally or completely get rid of them if possible to make your website snappier.

    Combine/Minify : CSS/JS

    Code Minification Website Page Speed

    Combining/Minification of stylesheet and javascript files if done right can help in resource reduction, but if done wrong, can break critical functionality thats dependent of the javascript functions to load at the required position. We do proper cross-browser testing to make sure that it really works.

    Optimized Images

    Page Optimization Compress Images

    Using regular images from camera or stock images is not going to help anyone. First, the user will be waiting forever for the image to load, plus, you will be spending a lot more towards bandwidth bills. We can manually optimize images for web or add some dynamic resizing on the go, for your business website.

    Lazy Loading

    Website Optimization Lazy Load

    Lazy loading of images if really helpful if your webpage has tons of images on every page. Also, if you want to offer high-definition images to the user, lazy loaded images can help server images only when required. We can add conditional lazy loading throughout your site.

    Apart for optimization, we also offer our own lightening fast hosting platform which has minimal average load and is fully optimized for performance.