Hosting Setup & Optimization

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Optimize Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting Optimization
Shared Hosting is good solution for start-ups but being cost-effective, some small businesses use it as a long term solution,…

cPanel or alternatives

Cpanel Alternatives For Hosting Website
Whether to go with licensed hosting control panel such as cPanel or using an alternate web panel to deploy your…

VPS vs Dedicated Hosting

Optimized Vps Vs Dedicated Hosting
Switching from a shared hosting and not sure whether to go for a VPS or a Dedicated machine, lets dive…

Website Uptime for SEO

Seo With High Uptime
Website Uptime contributes to SEO positioning – An always available website is the key for higher rankings.

Hosting Website on High Performance Server

Fastest Hosting Server For Business Website
Extremely fast loading website now possible by hosting your business website on a super fast server powered by a SSD…