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    Hosting your Business Website on Super Fast Servers

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    Ever wondered why Google is not indexing your website properly or your your website might be indexed but may not rank well even after having well done SEO and a lot of content. Truly, the website hosting speed might be impacting the rankings. Think of it like this, if there are two new search engines in market that are head to head in competition and one is making sure that the search results are fast and performance is not being impacted, the destination website loads quick and there are no errors present, while other search engine is not looking into it for rankings. If i was a user of those search engines, then definitely i would stop using a search engine where further opening search results are painfully slow, and i would love to use the one that has higher performance and offers be a faster experience. That is how Google has come this long while the competition has struggled. Google put emphasis on quality than quantity and that is how the web developers and business owners should also think of getting website developed with speed considerations in the thought process of their website development plan.

    While speed cannot only be improved with just getting a better hosting server, the code / programming also plays an important role, but f the coding is done right and still the website is running slow, then you need to invest into a fast performing server that allows super fast load times. Usually  shared hosting servers these days come with an SSD disk instead of a regular hard disk, but there are still a lot of so called high speed web hosting providers that have those old low performing servers and the service is being offered to customers at a very low price. Sound attractive, but does not help your website at all, indeed is harmful but for search engine rankings and for your online visitors.

    For visitors coming to your website, it is a huge turnoff for them if your website is randomly throwing timeouts and/or is slow to navigate between pages. Also a javascript loop can cause a lot of memory drain in the browser thus causing slow scrolling and making your visitors go away, leading to a high bounce rate. All these factors can lead to a disaster but this can be avoided by smartly investing your money towards buying a hosting service that is fast, uses SSD or NVME based storage system, does not oversell their shared hosting and allocates a lot of resources for your hosting account. Also during our years of working in the web industry, we have noticed that a lot of slow wordpress powered websites need a performance audit to improve their loading speed.

    So the key points here would be:

    • A server with SSD or NVME disk storage
    • High Performance Web Hosting with lots of Memory available
    • Choose hosting company with servers located closer to your local market
    • cPanel based hosting with lite speed PHP handler activated
    • Opcache option to allow turning it on/off as required
    • Find a hosting company that does not oversell hosting resources

    We forgot to discuss in detail about importance of selecting a hosting that has server locations closer to your city. The purpose here is to reduce the TTFB that is time to first byte, the farther the server is, the TTFB will be higher causing your website to load a little slower, which may not be instantly noticeable but if there are more than 100 resources on your single page including multiple css, javascript and font files, will become easily noticeable. A lower TTFB will allow faster content / resource loading on your website.

    Other option that we use a lot of is either an object cache system or caching the PHP precompiled bytecode, with system such as OPCACHE, which allows in improving website load performance by a greater margin.

    If you are looking for a reliable hosting, Zycoon Media can provide a super fast hosting or if you already own a VPS or dedicated server running on cPanel, we can optimize the server for efficiency and speed.