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    For new businesses or for entities that are in market for years, its a must to have an online presence that allows them to reach the potential market. At Zycoon Media, we believe in building revolutionary web apps for business that help them grow. Whether its email or social media or be it the search engine presence, we build powerful websites that deliver. We provide web design for Windsor businesses to help them reach the target audience thus improving their sales and profits.

    We have different web development packages for Windsor companies, each one focused on Search Engine Optimization but has different tools and techniques to get the right visibility. If you are a business owner in Windsor, you can rely on Zycoon Media for building or upgrading your website.

    Search Engine Optimization Toronto

    SEO by Experts

    We take care of the SEO aspect of your website, right from the beginning. If you have an existing website for your Windsor based business, we review the current built to find an pre-existing issues that are harming your search rankings and develop a plan to tackle the issues timely, side-by-side of your website development and upgrade requests. Many business come to us for just few upgrades and maintenance services, but they are unaware of the Search Engine potential that we can help them gain with minimal efforts and on a limited budget. You dont need to spend thousands of dollars to get your website SEO friendly.

    Our hourly web development pricing combined with our experienced team allow us deliver our web services in Windsor at a lower cost. We will give you an upfront hour/cost estimation of project and you will have a better idea on the estimated final cost of product delivery, so no surprises on development costs. Get in touch to know more.

    Windsor Web Services

    High quality websites specifically built for Windsor businesses, and we develop it all, shopping carts, handling payments gateways, Social Media integration, Search Engine ranking improvement, improving security, enabling conditional access, data storage and processing and what not, we are a complete web solution provider.

    eCommerce Development

    Whether its Shopify or Woocommerce, or any other platform such as Magento or ZenCart, we can handle every custom development and provide upgrade and maintenance services. Zycoon Media is your one-stop service provider in Ontario that can help improve your eCommerce solution and we built fully customized addons that can help you in adding additional functionality to your existing shopping cart.

    Security Enhancements

    Security is paramount for any business and our team at Zycoon Media can help help you against threats that linger in this www space. We provide pre-built and customized security solutions that allow our customers to continue working with confidence. Whether your admin logins are getting compromised or receiving too many spam contact form submissions, we can handle it all and professionally so that your business is not down or compromised digitally.

    Data Migration / Import / Export

    Want your data moved from one system to another or you have an excel-sheet that you want to import data from into your website, or you want to auto update prices on your website from a third-party feed or want to import or export data from your website, or data manipulation on the fly, we have a solution for every problem. Businesses in Windsor, Ontario can rely on Zycoon Media with our custom built data migration solutions. The boundary is limitless and whatever you want a solution for, we can build a solution for it.

    Malware Removal / Cleanup

    If your website malware infected or do you suspect suspicious activity on your website, we can scan your website for any threats or compromises and restore it to its full health. With digital data becoming an asset of any business, security of the data is crucial. Whether its about a malware that’s leaking customer information, or phishing emails being sent, we not only detect such activity, we do completely remove it and create added protection to minimize future recurrence.

    Recent WordPress Updates by Zycoon Media

    SMM & WordPress

    Wordpress can help your business grow at a faster pace – all we need to do is to connect the business website with all of the popular social networks.

    WordPress on Page Builders

    Web Design Using Page Builder

    Using Page Builders can help boost the speed of designing a web page in Wordpress, Is your Business Website powered by a Page Builders?

    Handling WordPress Updates

    Handling Wordpress Core, Plugins, Theme updates correctly, generate backups during all stages and perform QA.

    WordPress on Latest PHP

    Wordpress Php Version Switch

    Update Wordpress to Latest version of PHP for improved security & performance : Professional approach for PHP version switching.