WordPress Malware Removal

Professional WP Malware Cleanup by Toronto Based Experts

    Website Loading Slow due to Malware?

    Is your website infected with malware or is running slow for unknown reasons? Our Toronto based website security team can help restore WP site health.

    How we restore website health, the PROCESS

    Backup Current WP Site

    We do make sure that your data is safe at every step. We start with generating the backups of your current website including files and database.

    Recover Old Backups

    If there are any previous website backups available, we try to recover the website from the latest available backups.

    Manual Malware Cleanup

    After our scanning tools scan for infection in your WordPress Installation, we manually perform cleanup based on the report.

    Our expertise in WordPress Malware Removal will help you get your business back on track at the earliest.

    Our company is located in Greater Toronto Area, Canada and can assist both US and Canadian businesses from 9AM to 5Pm ET time.

    Note: We also provide emergency website recovery service after regular working hours, but the emergency recovery will be done in two stages, first stage (after hours) will involve instant action and recovery and the second stage will be executed in regular working hours and will involve deep malware scan.

    There can be various issues with the website that can lead to an extremely slow website, frequent page crashes and memory exhausted issues. Malware infected WordPress websites are very common and when it comes to WordPress, the infection rate is usually higher due to the way this CMS system works. WordPress itself is very powerful and secure but when it comes to third-party plugins and themes, the security level is extremely poor. Our highly experienced WordPress Team can quickly look into your broken / non-working / slow loading website and perform scan using advance malware detection software followed by cleanup. If you are in hurry and want to get your website back to normal at the earliest, our team can quickly jump into action and restore your business website health.

    Website Malware Cleanup Service

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