Build a Brand New Website Easily

Create website from scratch

Fastest approach for developing a Self-Hosted Website

    Designing a Website - The Easy Way

    While it may sound like a complex task and a thought of hiring a professional may strike, it is not that difficult a build a brand new business website that really works. Without any knowledge of coding, you can easily build a website. Here is how.

    First, we need to know about the tools to be used. Lets get it quick.

    • WordPress Setup Archive – Available from WordPress official website to download
    • A template that meets our needs (Recommend a paid template)
    • A page builder (Bakery or Elementor)
    • Manpower (Yes, thats it, if you are ready to create website, the above three are enough to build a website)
    • Lets not forget, a domain name and a hosting.

    Ok, if you are thinking that there is something extra involved, nope, not at all. It pretty straight-forward. Lets deep dive into the ocean of Web Design.

    Build New Website From Scratch

    How to quickly setup a new website

    As we have already discussed the tools that we are going to use to create the website, let get going with the process to create a website using wordpress.

    Lets start with WordPress Installation

    WordPress installation is very easy and allows creating a dynamic website in just a few clicks. Extract the wordpress zip file into the public_html directory and open your website domain using your browser. It will show you the installed screen, asking for your input. Just follow the steps and you will be requested for database credentials. You just need to create a database from your hosting panel and then using the credentials you receive from your hosting panel ( hostname, database name, database user, database password), continue with the wordpress installed by filling in the required info. Once the setup completes, you will be taken to the WP Admin backend control panel. This process should hardly take 15 minutes at max.

    Also make sure that you set your wordpress website to noindex during development. Once you are inside your WordPress Admin area, you will need to setup the template that you want to use.

    Template Installation & Setup

    While there are so many free templates available, we recommend purchasing a paid template from theme forest. With tons of popular templates with built-in demos, you can instantly setup the template and run the demo importer to get the required look and feel, and then proceed with the content modification. The process to activate a free theme is simple, from the WP Admin, go to themes and then search for a theme you would love to install and click the install button. For a paid theme, the process is little different. You will need to download the paid theme after purchasing it and then import the theme using the uploaded provided in the theme section of the backend. Once uploaded, you may need to input your activation key to activate the theme. Once that is done, you will need to review the documentation that came with the theme to see the process to import demo.

    Usually importing demo is one-click process, but may vary depending on how the theme has facilitated. After the template is active and demo is imported, you can proceed with modification of content. Remember to activate any required plugin as recommended by your theme. Usually, the themes require you to active a page builder, a contact form plugin etc.

    Once done, lets submit website to search engines

    Once you are ready and completed all redesigning and content writing and want to launch the site, set your website from noindex to indexable. Once done, lets create a google search console account and add your website to it. Also do the same for other search engines, some search engines allow submitting site without creating an account. It may take your website from 24 hours to few weeks to get indexed properly.

    Remember, you just created a basic website and you never mastered the website using tons of parameters such as internal linking, page speed, content optimization etc and by fixing such technical SEO issues, you can see an increase in Search Rankings. There are 100s of things that need expertise to implement, such as server optimization, page content optimization, css/js resource delivery optimization, 404 not found fixes, and tons of other things that make your website look professional to a search engine and allow for better rankings.

    At Zycoon Media, we do complete web development and take the headache so that you can sleep with ease. Let our team do the hardwork and do it smartly so that your business can grow.

    If you still have any doubts and do not want to risk messing up with the system, get a professional involved for your website migration. At Zycoon Media, we perform complete migration, including the above mentioned data migration, to more complex issues such as DNS record correction, repair broken db or file system, CDN setup, setting up server security, website security improvement, server optimization and tweaking system for speed.