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    On-Page SEO is technically a term used for improving the website and its content. Companies and web developers usually try to add more content and internal linking to improve the On-Page SEO of their website but On-Page SEO involved page optimization as well which many firms fail to review and improve upon. Improvements for a site need to cover each and every aspect, let it be speed, security, performance, reliability and such, and though it sounds technical, that is what needs to be worked on in the initial stage of a website.

    Speed, Performance, Security, Reliability : In-depth On-Page Analysis

    Let first understand how these four things make or break our website SEO.

    Website Speed

    Website Speed Optimization

    Lets put up a question: if my website is super slow, takes 10 seconds to load every page, how long would you stay connected? Chances are that you will quit within browsing first two pages. Now another question, if there are 100 companies who have optimized website for fast loading content with exactly the same design and same amount of SEO done, who will a search engine rank higher? Well, you may be amazed that with all other factors and scores weighing equally for these sites, one parameter that a search engine considers is speed, the fastest of these website will get a priority and the reason, search engines such as google want their users to receive instant results, with even a few milliseconds at consideration, fixing On-Page errors will boost your indexing confidence.

    Website Performance

    Time To First Byte Optimization

    Speed and performance may be interchangeable but I would consider speed parameter in regards to the generation of an html page and the time spent by a programming language such as PHP to parse the script to generate final output. The performance here would be in connection with the generated code. With a website that’s using lots of javascript and css code, loading third party libraries, loading tons of fonts, huge sized images etc to generate content and assist with functionality, despite of PHP being able to generate the results fast, on the user end, the browsing experience will suffer thus effecting score numbers. Such On-Page issues can be a road block for ranking better in search results and developer are required to improve the layout for these underlying issues.

    Website Security

    Website Malware Removal Canada

    Security is paramount and with security in terms of SEO, we are referencing to a clean website free of any infection. We website that hosts illegal content or is infected with a malware causing the website behavior to change  such a random redirections to a third party site that the website has no connection with, or a website that is sending spam emails or any similar activity. For a search engine to score a website higher, a website should be reliable and with users including kids and young people, it is very critical for a search engine to be on toes to maintain an index that lists on reliable sites. This also causes new businesses to be not able to rank higher during their low scores in initial stages. To bring in the confidence, we need to earn it and it takes time but also requires proper actions to be taken to assure that we can achieve fastest ranks in lesser time and do not waste time on fixing issues on a later stage.

    Website Reliability

    Render Blocking Optimization Canada

    Is your website hosted on an good server, is that server performing good and is not overloaded, are you using a shared hosting or are you on cloud. So many questions but that is what reliability is all about, you need a constantly performing server to delivery the same high speed website on every single request, no matter day or night, no matter rush hour or not. If there is going to be a known downtime, let your users informed about the maintenance in advance. Many businesses host their websites on a shared hosting account which looks cost effective but costs a business their rankings. A poorly performing overloaded shared server may cause frequent downtime for your online business thus badly effecting your SEO scores on search engines. All those errors such as timeouts, 404 not found, server capacity issue, bandwidth exceeded can break your SEO rank.

    Now you know: Lets improve SEO by applying On-Page Fixes

    Let get straight to the tools and tips that can help you fix your SEO score and improve your rankings.

    First the tips:

    • Focus on title tag and keep it relevant to content without forcing keyword insertion.
    • Confirm that each image on your website has an alt text configured.
    • Internal linking is important but do not over do it, keep it relevant and only when it is required.
    • Mix content well, text without graphics wont attract attention of a visitor.
    • Find broken links and apply the fixes. A 404 is not what a visitor would like to see.
    • and the most important, DESIGN, is your template loading tons of css/js/fonts files, the secret word is OPTIMIZE

    Lets discuss effects of page speed optimization on search engine rankings. A page that has lots of stylesheets and javascript files linked may load very fast if the browser caching is enabled, but what does browser caching do, it allows visiting browser to load the resources once and then serve from local cache, but does that help the first time visitor.

    Technical Onpage Seo Fixes Improvements
    On-Page Improvements for First time visitor

    The first visit is 0% from cache and totally fresh, and browser caching will only help with the users subsequent request, kind of good but why not optimize even for the first request. That is what google or other search engines are looking at, the time taken to generate a single page, they are not looking at the speed of a subsequent request. To optimize the website for first request, we need to either use a template that is fully optimized and does not have lots of frontend source code or if the theme change is not possible, then manually find and replace the code with an optimal and even completely remove it where possible. An example would be a contact form plugin loading css and js also on pages where the contact form is not being loaded.

    There is another challenge on how to find all the issues. Manually searching is not a great option and certainly wont help in locating all the issues. We would suggest to use some online tools available such as ahrefs, semrush, moz or the links. These web optimization services have tools to help locate issues. Some of the issues that these tools help you to detect are –

    Crawling issues

    Noindex issues

    Server issues / 5xx errors

    Duplicate Title

    Duplicate Content

    Broken Links

    Broken images

    Broken External Links

    Robots.txt errors

    Canonical Issues

    Mixed Content / SSL errors

    Slow Speed Errors

    Fixing all such technical issues may alone boost your score by some good percentage and combined with other SEO optimization practices, you may start getting the traffic that you have been waiting for. If you are in the middle of starting a new business and want us to take care of your technical seo, our team will be happy to sort out the issues and help you rank better than your competition. At Zycoon Media, we build the correct foundation, only a stable structure will be able to hold on the empire and help move into a better future.