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Website Malware Removal

Website Virus & Malware Removal services by Zycoon Media

    Website Malware Control/Cleanup by Experts

    Is you website hacked or is there something weird going on in your website? We will perform malware scan and perform fast cleanup using our customized malware tools. Apart from malware removal, we will perform additional security audits and add security features to your website to increase protection.

    Today, website hacking has become an issue that requires action within minutes, not just because your data has been compromised, but also because many popular search engines and browsers employ techniques to quickly identify infected sites and protect the users from visiting the site which may also effect search engine rankings if timely action is not taken. It takes so much of an effort to design a business website and dont let intruders take over your business presence.

    Website Malware Cleanup Service

    Website Malware Removal Needed?

    Is there malware on your site or want to get a security audit performed on your business website? Our team is specialized in quickly fixing the malware on many PHP based website that use a variety of software from wordpress, joomla, magento to custom built applications. Our security audits involve hardening of your website security to protect from future attacks.

    Whats Involved in the Malware cleanup?

    Our fast turnaround time is amazing and may make your rethink about switching your web design and support services to our company. We not only perform properly executed actions, we understand how critical the malware issue is and fasten up the process on our end giving it the highest priority. We make website recovery possible even in extreme conditions where files & database are completely destroyed and there are no backups, though we may not be able to call this an exact copy, but it will be more like quick rebuilding the same site by scrapping content over the internet for the old pages archived on various websites on the internet but trying to keep the UI & written content on the frontend as close as possible to the old site.

    Backup / Archive / Recovery

    The first thing first, we create backups of your current setup (files+db) to make sure that we dont lose any data in the cleanup process. Also we look for backups on your existing hosting/file system which can be utilized to recover any custom coded files that have been overwritten by malware. We are quick with backups and try various repair tools to fix the website files from old bakups

    Malware Scan & Cleanup

    Using our customized website malware scan tools, we are able to visualize the issues on the file system and process accordingly, using both automated removal and manual cleanup process. Our professional approach make the process fast and streamlines, thus your business website recovery allows your to sit back and relax.

    Website Security Hardening / Enhance Protection

    Security is paramount and for any online business, website security can be compromised if proper protections are not in place. We deploy different techniques to increase the protection and make sure that your are better secure from future attacks on your website.

    Website Malware Fix across wide range of platforms

    Wordpress Malware Removal

    Is your wordpress site riddled with malware and has been blocked by Google / Did you got notification from Google Search Console and need to take immediate action? Does your wordpress based website keeps getting hacked?

    Joomla Malware Cleanup

    Joomla site not loading as malware has corrupted your Joomla Core installation, is your component/plugin/theme infected and is causing slow downs or randomly sending spam emails and need quick repair?

    Drupal Malware Repair

    Our Drupal Malware Removal Service can handle removal of infected PHP files and recover health of your Drupal Website by performing restoration of core CMS files + manual cleanup of code in custom built components.

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