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    With almost two decades of Web Development & Optimization experience, our company offers unbeatable pricing and we have built numerous business websites that have ranked higher on search engines than their competition. Zycoon Media, a Toronto based Web & SEO company has always focused on optimization using on-page SEO that has helped our clients constantly rank high and attract organic traffic even after major algorithmic changes. Where other SEO techniques fail after algo changes, our SEO is content based. We have always believed that content combined with UI is the right choice. All over our 20 years in the industry building websites for clients in Canada, United States and rest of the world, the websites we developed have made the right impact and have been able to reach the targeted customer thus helping businesses grow. Where only recently, other SEO masters have started focusing on content, this was in our core from the very beginning. Combined with our cost effective SEO prices, Zycoon Media is truly a game changer for companies and businesses in Toronto and rest of Canada.

    We provide custom SEO services combined with other services

    Website Design

    A serious business requires a professional website, lets get it ready for you.

    WordPress Development

    Complete wordpress service provider in Toronto, Canada. Custom plugins, themes & improvements.

    Website Malware Removal

    Is you website running slow? Request for a complete security inspection & cleanup.

    Is your business struggling with visibility in Search Engine?

    Being in the search engine industry from long, our company knows how many websites fail to get properly indexed in google, bing and other engines. If its a brand new business, we fully optimize it before launching, but if its an already developed site, we assist with identifying the underlying issues and get them resolved. Our SEO pricing is reasonable and on top of that, we offer honest and transparent billing for hourly based projects.

    Search Engine Optimization Toronto

    SEO Done Right

    We not only do the Search Optimization, we do it correctly. Our primary focus is on website UI and making your customers/visitors enjoy the experience and side by side optimizing content so that the Search Engines correctly understand what the website wants to convey.

    Site Audit

    We review in-depth the underlying issues, such as poor website loading speed, huge resources being loaded, non-optimized css & js, broken links, missing meta tags and provide the required first-aid required by the website.

    Keyword Research

    Keywords may have been overlooked by some SEO experts but a few also undermine the importance of correct implementation. We try to maintain a balance and use our years of experience to strategically optimize the website.

    Content Creation

    Zycoon Media has mastered the art of creating content rich pages that are both user and seo friendly. Combined with correct placement of elements, businesses do witness high conversion thus assisting growth year-over-year.

    SEO Plans and Pricing

    Our company offers affordable SEO plans will help your business to drive organic traffic.

    Our Search Engine Optimization packages can be customized to individual requirements.

    Bronze SEO Plan

    • Website Audit
    • Audit Report Score Improvement (3 hours)
    • Keyword Research
    • Internal Link Building
    • On-Page SEO / Content Repair
    • 2 Blog Posts per month (4 hours total)
    • Directory Submission (1 Directory)
    • Total 10 Hours of monthly improvement

    Silver SEO Plan

    • Website Audit
    • Audit Report Score Improvement (6 hours)
    • Keyword Research
    • Internal Link Building
    • On-Page SEO / Content Repair
    • 4 Blog Posts per month (8 hours total)
    • Directory Submission (2 Directories)
    • Total 20 Hours of monthly improvement

    Gold SEO Plan

    • Website Audit
    • Audit Report Score Improvement (10 hours)
    • Keyword Research
    • Internal Link Building
    • On-Page SEO / Content Repair
    • 10 Blog Posts per month (20 hours total)
    • Directory Submission (4 Directories)
    • Total 40 Hours of monthly improvement

    Our goal is to provide our SEO clients with an edge over their competition by implementing custom-built in-house SEO strategy that lasts longer and the rankings are not lost overnight.

    Question on SEO you may have:

    All our packages throughout our website are based on hourly rate but we have packaged them into one to provide a better understanding of whats involved and these packages are also discounted. If you go by the hourly rate, click here to check our hourly pricing. We do offer discounted hourly pricing if hours are purchased upfront.

    If anyone has ever mentioned a timeline for ranking, you have been misled. Optimizing for top rankings is an ongoing process and if your competitors are investing heavily in SEO, you need to up your game. Saying that you will gain number 1 rank in few month is a complete false notion. It takes time, we can offer guarantee for our quality work, our determination to see happy clients and our will to provide best services will be the game changer for your business. Also the future ranking and timeline is dependent on your current rankings. If you are on first 2-3 pages of google for any existing keywords, they can be worked on to show up on first page of google in few months with correct SEO planning and implementation.

    Lets take some examples to begin with:

    • If you have a shop, and you clean it once, wont it require cleaning again?
    • If you add a sign board outside the shop, wont it fade with time and require new sign ever?
    • If your completion adds a new service which you can offer, wont you as well start offering it to be competitive?
    • If you do a radio advertisement, will it last forever?

    We can give you hundreds of examples, you name it, it fades with time, SO IS THE SEO. It requires constant maintenance, and just to be clear, even your website that is developed will require some maintenance time to time to keep it running with the latest software version. Even an outdated web software can pose a security threat and lead to drop is SEO ranking. We do it all, we do it right and we do it transparently, making sure you are always connected with how your business is doing online.

    The way you clean your local shop / business location / maintain it / upgrade it / secure it, the same we do with your online presence. We keep it fit and fine for years and years. We stand by you and provide the required continuous website support.

    Being a business with global presence, we not only offer SEO in Toronto, but also to clients throughout Canada and United State of America. Apart from this, our SEO experts can also handle projects of companies from other countries which are available for any short virtual meetings at our timezone (9AM to 5PM ET). We also offer once a month off hour meeting timings for clients that can not make adjustments based on Eastern Time.