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    A custom plugin to extend functionality

    Wordpress Plugin Development Canada

    Businesses using wordpress for their website do opt for getting some custom solution built from time to time due to the flexibility of WordPress to allow adding new code. With this great CMS allowing the possibility to build plugins easily and professionally, many web development firms have already built plugins and are available for both FREE or for a payment. While you can go to the WordPress Plugin repository for finding a FREE plugin that meets your need, or do a search for your keyword of the preferred plugin. Then why get a custom built plugin for your business website? The answer is simple.

    Not all plugins are built around security and speed, and not all plugins provide exactly the functionality that your are trying to achieve. For this, our customized plugin development service can help you. We build wordpress plugins that can build a brand new functionality or extend the already available functionality of an already developed plugin. Custom coding a plugin allows taking wordpress capabilities to an advanced level thus allowing your business to grow. At Zycoon Media, we can extend the functionality of your WordPress website without changing the core coding thus allowing you to keep your wordpress updates working as usual.

    Wordpress Plugin Development

    Custom Plugin Modules built by Experts

    Many businesses are switching to wordpress CMS for faster development, ease of handling updates on the wordpress system and vast library of smart plugins available for extending the website, but there are strings attached while you use this beautiful CMS: Hire the right guys. Many web firms provide custom coding for these open-source CMSes but a few do it correctly, a professionally written PHP plugin code can do magic but the same can not be said for a poorly written code which may allow functionality but at the expense of speed and security which are critical in today’s world. If you business is serious about quality, then Zycoon Media is here to guide you and work on your plugin development.

    Let us know about your business and its requirements.

    Custom Wordpress Plugin Development

    Superior WP Plugin Development

    High quality and superior plugins specifically built for boosting your online business, we develop it all, handling payments, speeding up your website and improving security, enabling conditional access, data storage and processing and what not, we are a complete wordpress solution provider.

    Plugins for eCommerce Extensions

    Woocommerce or similar plugin for wordpress allow adding additional addons for extending eCommerce functions which include adding payment gateways, shipping calculators etc. Zycoon Media programmers can help you integrate any payment solution, tax calculation, print label generation and similar 3rd party solutions into your wordpress website.

    Plugins for Enhanced Security

    Security is paramount and we provide customized security addons for our clients which may allow the customer to enhance data protection and protect its business operations online. Want to block admin logins to a country or a few static IPs or want to block post requests depending on user agent or want to integrate 3rd party blacklist, ZycoonMedia can built it for you.

    Content Migration

    Want to move some content from another CMS to WordPress, then Zycoon team can build you a data migration plugin for WordPress that will allow your to transfer data from any existing website, whether its built using Joomla, Drupal, Magento or migration from Shopify into WordPress system, our coding expertise will take care of your content migration task.

    Data Import/Export Plugin

    Want to import a CSV or Excel sheet data into your website or looking to export some data out of your wordpress into a CSV / plain text / Excel / MySQL or any similar text file format, our programmers can custom code the content import and export plugin for your business. We also provide imports using cron jobs where the data can be imported automatically at a set time.

    Contact Form Plugin Customization

    Extending a contact form such a Contact Form 7 or WPForms or Gravity Forms or Ninja Forms, we can provide enhanced capabilities for these plugins to allow storage and manipulation of data on the fly. Our custom coded plugins for Contact Forms allow greater flexibility for our customers to run their business efficiently and improve their products and services.

    Speed Optimization Plugin

    Website built using a CMS such a WordPress usually struggle with reduced performance due to huge amount of active plugins on site and have a lower score on speed test results. With our capability to build a plugin ground-up, we can create or modify an existing plugin to improve website performance and loading time thus improving user experience and website rankings.

    3rd Party API Integration

    Want to integrate any API into your website such as Hubspot, MailChimp, Sendgrid or any other 3rd party integration required? Remember one name : Zycoon Media, the best approach for powering your website and connecting it to data endpoints. We will develop a plugin that will not only improve productivity but also result in higher earnings & profits for you company.

    Custom Payment Gateways

    There are 100’s of payment gateway integrations already available for Woocommerce but there still numerous out there that are lesser knows and do not have a plugin available or the plugins is outdated and is not being updated regularly by the developer or is abandoned or may contain bugs that requires a fix. We provide plugin development, modification and maintenance services.

    Enhanced Widgets

    Need a widget developed for your wordpress that can be used anywhere on your website? We have been building wordpress plugins from years and know well about how the system works. Our custom coding expertise allows us to offer widget plugin development to our customers and we create widget of all types, simple or complex, we love developing responsive widgets.

    Dynamic Image Generation

    Dynamic image generation is not well known in the industry, but businesses who have got their website customized to generate banners and images on the fly have been able to unlock the true potential of wordpress. We at Zycoon Media have build systems such as getting data from API and generating an image for them to send in newsletters. Sounds Interesting, surely it is and is powerful.

    Page Builder Addons

    Now a days, almost all wordpress setups include a page builder plugin that allows them to create pages faster and smarter. Builders such as WP Bakery, Visual Composer, Elementor or the likes, are popular among wordpress paid templates but may offer limited components. For any custom component / addon / plugin for page builder, Zycoon Media can develop it for you.

    Form Data Management

    Is your website accepting user data using contact forms or in any way that uses ajax based submission or POST data, we can create a plugin that will store that data in some table and take action on the data, such as if a user submitted a contact form, and you want the data to be store on a separate server or want a send a weekly summary of all weekly submissions, now that’s possible.

    Cost of WordPress Plugin Development

    We have an hourly pricing structure for any web work and it is the most cost-effective solution to get quality work done. Companies that offer fixed price development do not offer quality and rather concentrate on getting work done which may work for some but we do not practice as such. At Zycoon Media, quality of product offered is rather what makes us unique in our industry and that how we want to present ourselves to the world : A high quality development done professionally.

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