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    Wordpress Email Delivery Issues Cpanel

    What is causing email not being delivered?

    WordPress is a very popular blogging and website design platform available both as SaaS and as a self-hosted CMS. While, there do not exist email delivery issues on the SaaS platform hosted by itself, but the self-hosted software do have some email delivery problems that we are going to discuss and provide a solution for.

    There are basically three issues when WordPress is used / installed on a cPanel based hosting server:

    • Email being sent as Spam.
    • Email not being delivered completely at all.
    • Email delivery to admin / management on the same domain name do not get delivered.

    and the reasons that are usually behind the above issues are:

    • Wrong sender configured in WordPress / Woocommerce “From” field
    • The DNS records such as SPF / DMARK / DKIM are not configured properly.
    • Emails for the domain are stored remotely on a different server but in cPanel, the setting for email routing is configured to local email delivery.
    • Your IP reputation is not that good, we will not be discussing this here as this will be a completely separate topic to discuss in the upcoming discussion due to the wide scope of issues and the required fixes.

    First, lets start with the wrong FROM configured in wordpress. If your are hosting your website on and then its wrongly configured to send FROM , the receiving email server will mark the email as spam or may even completely reject it. It’s advised that the sending domain matches the FROM field. Also, on cPanel servers, wordpress has different $phpmailer->Sender than from $phpmailer->From and sometimes the $phpmailer->Sender is configured to use domainname@hostname.tld which as shows up on the receivers end. This can be addressed by modifying the wp_mail to match it to the required ones.

    Another issue of missing SPF / DKIM records also can lead to email delivery issues. We recommend that if your DNS is hosting on third party, you need to manually add the DNS records provided by the cPanel account.

    Lastly, when the emails for the domain are hosted remotely, you need to make sure that cPanel is configured to deliver the domain emails to the remote server by changing this setting from the cPanel login.

    If you need any help, our team can assist you with your website. Let us know and we will quickly jump in to your rescue.