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Hubspot to WordPress Migration

Migration service to help switch from Hubspot CRM to Wordpress CMS

    Wordpress Expertise to help you migrate away from Hubspot

    Need to move hubspot blog to WordPress

    Hubspot is a great feature-rich CRM and has a lot of potential but not everyone needs those features and there is a lot of advantages of switching to WordPress, including the advantage of being able to custom code every single bit and the scope of adding custom built plugins to enhance the functionality of your business website. If you want to switch your landing pages or blog posts from Hubspot system to a wordpress system, we would love to help you migrate to wordpress.

    Hubspot To Wordpress Migration

    Hubspot to WordPress

    Opting for migration service from Zycoon Media will make sure that you have quality development and support by your side. We offer hourly pricing and provide an estimate quote for hours involved so that our customers know whats involved. Our team of designers and developers will export complete blog data from hubspot including the important SEO meta tags and import the data into wordpress.

    We can assist with the following during the hubspot move:

    • Custom WordPress template developed using the same design / layout as on hubspot.
    • Migrate blog posts using either CSV export or custom PHP based blog data extractor.
    • Page migration / moving landing pages to WP.
    • Exporting email data and migrating to 3rd party services such as mailchimp.
    • Asset migration to move content such as images and videos.

    Other things that can not be migrated can be custom developed to mimic the functionality such as features and actions or forms or login/signup system. With WordPress, custom coding opens up a lot of possibilities and allows a business to build anything and everything.

    Move Hubspot Blog Wordpress Migration

    Apart from the migration of your hubspot blog or pages, we can add more functionality to your website such as.

    eCommerce functionality

    Payment Processing

    Live Chat System

    Ticket & Support system


    Forms & Commenting System

    3rd Party API integration

    Enhanced Searching

    Membership / Subscriptions

    Cost of Hubspot to WP Migration

    Our rock solid support combined with hourly pricing allows us to offer superior and reliable web services to businesses. If you are looking for migrating to WordPress CMS system, then give us a call or submit a request for FREE Consultation and we will go through your existing Hubspot system and amount of time required to process the migration.