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    Speed is one of the top factors to consider when getting s website developed for your end-users. During our 20+ years of in-market presence, we have seen that most of the times, businesses complain about poorly developed product causing the website to load extremely slow and causing their users to abandon the website halfway during a purchase.

    There can be multiple reasons of a slow loading website, but one of the major one is bad coded SQL queries or a poorly performing MySQL server. Either of them will make a site crawl at a snail speed. With the advancements in server technologies, the CPU and memory availability for any server is not an issue but no matter the amount of CPU or memory added to the system, a slow website wont become lightening fast, though, it may improve a little bit but definitely not lightening fast. And for a lightening fast website, you need to make sure that your dynamic website has faster loading queries.

    Lets get to the bottom of how and why mySQL tuning and server optimization is critical for any web deployments. Before we start about how to optimize mySQL, lets quickly understand on how the website connection works for your user.

    Here is how the connection flows throughout to deliver a page to user:

    • User request a page by typing a url in the browser
    • The DNS query takes place and connects the user to the corresponding server environment.
    • A process such as Apache running on server listens to the request and works on it before passing it further to the PHP.
    • Once it reaches PHP, thousands of file work together to process the page and if there are any MySQL queries involved, send the queries to the SQL server for processing and receiving a dataset back for display to user end.

    Out of all of above, processing using PHP and MySQL server are the most demanding ones and usually decide the performance of an app.

    Website Speed Optimization

    For improving PHP performance, we have a huge ton of options available such as choosing the right PHP handler and enabling opcache, but with MySQL servers, very limited options are available including optimizing my.cnf configuration file and improving memory utilization of the mysql server.

    To tune mysql, your best bet is to have a lot of RAM available to allocate and also allow query caching to improve repeated query performance. Not all the queries on a website need to serve realtime and may have exactly same result-set for longer periods, such as menu items loaded from query, page content etc and very few queries differ where a user is logged in and the queries are send to load that specific user data. With query cache enabled and an optimized MySQL config file to use more system memory, you can get your web application to load in milliseconds.

    If you are having issues with your website loading speed, let us know and we will help you with optimizing your server.