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Using Page Builder Plugins to Help Support Express Webpage Creation

    Page Builders for Quick Page Designing

    Web Design Using Page Builder

    Page Builders on a WordPress platform allow faster web page design than a conventional wordpress setup. With a page builder, you have broader choice of elements, structural modifications and content placement. We highly recommend the installation of a page builder if you dont have one. The most popular page builders for wordpress are WP Bakery Page Builder and Elementor. While Elementor is a free page builder available for download from the WordPress Plugin Library, the WP Bakery one is not free and requires purchase of license for usage. If you are building just for fun, Elementor is the way to go, but for any professional setup, we recommend to go with WpBakery which is highly optimized for speed and offers a numerous amount of addons including free and paid ones. Also the Bakery Page Builder is supported by huge number of templates making it a preferred choice.

    What are the pro’s of going with a page builder vs a standalone wordpress installation.

    • A page builder is quick and easy
    • Allows creating templates that can be used on multiple pages
    • Has possibilities to extend functionality using addons
    • Allows drag/ drop operations to move elements across the page
    • May allow additional styling options vs the default wordpress builder
    • The output pages look professional
    • Has support for a lot of third party plugins such as contact forms, so as soon as you install the contact form plugin, it will provide an element to insert the contact form.

    These are just the basic features we have discussed. Once you start using a page builder, you will see the difference in the UI and easiness of creating a page.

    A web development process is not an easy one, it involves a lot of things and using a page builders allows minimizing time spend on page creation and allows more time to be spend on improving user experience, optimizing website for speed, creating more content, on-page seo and other stuff that also need dedicated time.

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