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    Are you a small business owner in Vancouver or do you have a business that relies on multiple channels to generate revenue? Zycoon Media can help you get the right attention in search results. We are a complete web design firm that provide services varying from website template design & coding, content setup, search engine optimization, social network setup and marketing, WordPress Development, Web Hosting, Custom PHP script development, 3rd Party API integration, Payment gateway configuration and much more. Anything that can be programmatically executed is possible at Zycoon Media. We do it all and our creative ideas, we do it smartly.

    Our combo quotes for Vancouver market have an on-page SEO service included with website designing and allow us to offer a service that actually helps our clients to grow. While many businesses opt for just a basic web design package from other service providers, it does more harm than good. If you opt for a non-SEOed website in the beginning, there might be 100s of issues, that once you move to getting SEO done, will haunt your progress and will take twice the effort to sort them out. Do not let those cheaper services take your money, quality matters, so hire a professional company that do cares for your success.

    Some Businesses that we love to work with

    Jewellery Store Website Design

    Jewellery Store Website Design

    Locksmith Website & SEO

    Locksmith Website Design Seo

    Tattoo Shop Web Design & SEO

    Tattoo Website Design Canada

    Dietitian & Nutritionist Website Design

    Dietitian Website Seo And Design

    Salon Website Design & SEO

    Salon Website Design Seo

    Florist Website Design

    Flower Shop Website Design

    Woodwork Website Design

    Woodwork Website Design Seo

    Photography Website Design

    Photography Website Design Toronto Canada

    Chiropractic Website & SEO

    Chiropractic Website Seo Design

    Plumbing Web Design & SEO

    Plumbing Website Seo Design Toronto

    Real Estate Website Design

    Real Estate Website Development
    Hire the Canadian Web Masters

    When quality matters, hire a web company that will put their best efforts towards your business success.

    Web & SEO done right

    With 20+ years of expertise in web development, our web firm is perfectly positioned to offer strategically setup website which has better search positioning that most of the newly launched local business websites. Apart from higher rank on search results pages, we also use our experience in UI optimization, positioning of elements to drive maximum conversion rates, we are not just some regular company, we are the perfectionists. Considering the costs involved with SEOing the website at a later stage, when the SEO guys in Vancouver tell you that the template on the website is not SEO friendly and needs a complete re-design, we do it upfront and we take care of all the issues, whether its about website page load speed, conversion ratio, strategically structural layout, internal linking and everything that a starter business needs.

    We take care of all these additional optimizations to improve your website

    Server Speed Boost

    Optimize TTFB

    Optimize PHP execution

    Coding Improvements

    CDN Setup

    Reduce HTTP Requests

    Image Optimization

    Localize Remote Resources

    Lazy Load Images

    Are you a Canadian business that operates from Vancouver and is struggling to gain good positioning in local search results and want a website that really works and helps you boost your customer base, Let Zycoon Media handle your online visibility and brand presence.