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    Almost every hosting server has some downtime involved, while some server are configured to deliver almost absolute 100% uptime, the other not so good service providers fail to deliver the promised 99.9% minimum uptime. At Zycoon, we are perfectionists and we go into every single aspect of web development and SEO, and here we are going to provide you a brief on how choosing a hosting can make you google rankings better.

    Seo With High Uptime

    We have a simple question for you – If you do a google search and the first result you click on end up in server unreachable, what will be your impression. Now lets say that this keeps happening randomly every now and then, you may feel the lack of quality. That is how different search engines have built themselves ground up. They have focused on each parameter of the web, not just the speed of the website, but also how much it is online. If your server is going down often, chances are that google bots have already detected it and know that your website is not that reliable. That would have worked if there were only 10 websites in the world and google had to list those 10 on first page, but with millions of website and billions of pages to index, Google and other search engines are working hard to filter out the ones that are using cheaper hosting solution.

    So, how to improve and what to look at, when buying a hosting service.

    Deciding factors for choosing a High Uptime Service

    Some may assume that we are going to talk about Cloud and it may be the only option. Well, not exactly, lets get through.

    Cloud Hosting For 100% Uptime

    While this stands true, that most cloud hosting services offer high uptime, but there is no guarantee. And even if there is, there are several other factors that are involved in a great uptime. A cloud server may be 100% online but the software that you have installed on your cloud instance may come up with issues, or your instance may be small on resources and you website might be receiving too much of traffic to handle and thus causing the apache or mysql services to go down randomly thus causing downtime. We have setup some dedicated machines and VPS from some reputed providers and they were able to provide 100% uptime for the servers. So an expensive cloud service is not the only solution.

    Better Hardware for SEO

    The subject, better hardware for better SEO sounds off, but it is the key. If you invest in a server that is build using high-end hardware components, the chances of a hardware failure a minimized, also, with any dedicated server, you need a perfect backup plan in place. At Zycoon Media, we build backup systems that offer instant switching, by using a technique for mirroring the website on another server, we can instantly switch to the second server within minutes of the failure. Also, hardware does not fail very often, may be once in 5 years, but for a large scale business, we need to be prepared. You can request a quote from us to setup such an infrastructure, buying two dedicated machines is way cheaper than buying cloud resources so is a good option for many businesses that want to save on costs.

    Uptime with UpTo-date Software

    If you are using outdated software, chances of getting infected thus causing downtime are there. We would advise you to use the latest software and keep your software patched at all time. It may be the system software that is the operating system and related server files, and the website software, that is the PHP based software that you are using to power your website. For higher SEO scores, a high recommendation that all software be updated timely.

    Keep your SEO score by keeping a check on your website availability

    By using online availability testing tools and uptime monitors, you can keep track by the minute. You can configure alerts that can be sent via email, sms and other channels. We wont be discussing the Uptime Monitoring websites here and that will be your work to find one by Googling. The purpose here is to get alerted as soon as your website in not reachable and an action can be taken to fix the website. Remember, that SEO ranking can drop by a huge margin if your website is not performing good and is high on downtime. Keep a check and help your business to perform google in search results.

    Let us know if you need any help with your Website SEO or anything with web development. We can help you build a better website.