Deploying website using an open-source CMS Software

Dynamic Website using a CMS

CMS'es such as Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento to develop a dynamic site

    Dynamic Website Using Cms Software

    Dynamic Websites have become a norm

    While all through the history of web, there have been tools that assisted website development and developers often relied on such tools to develop static websites in the not so long ago history. But with the technology advancing at an express pace and servers getting even more processing power to manage the hosting, the dynamic websites have been a norm from last few years and has become a necessity. Before we discuss in depth about the current tech options and CMS softwares that are available to us, lets give a brief about what a dynamic website is. A dynamic website is a website that stores data and design separately and combines them to generate a web page, thereby allowing creating of a single template design stored somewhere and connecting to a separate file or database to pull content and display the page by filling up the template variables on the backend. With this ease of content management by not touching the design files while create a new page, allowed both web developers and business owners to rapidly generate new content without worrying about other bits. This also allowed smaller companies to think big and plan on building big websites with millions of pages to serve to the world wide web.

    Web Software built and sold to web companies

    Dynamic Website Using Open Source Cms

    But this was just the start, and though, web development companies created custom backend and frontend content management systems for their customers to be able to dynamically manage website, there was no standard of how the flow or coding would be. In early ages of internet, many companies tried to build a ready-to-deploy software (or CMS as we call it today) that they could sell to web companies thus allowing those companies skip time spent of development and concentrate on productive issues. For some time, this worked well but with some poorly coded software’s, there was always a need for a high quality CMS software that could become industry standard and could be deployed to any type of dynamic website. There were a few companies that tried to create open-source web software’s, many failed but a few succeeded, namely WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.

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    Open-Source Web Deployment brought developers together

    Our of all the popular open-source web platforms, wordpress and joomla came out to be top choices among both web developers and companies. Both has their use cases, where development on wordpress system was generally considered for deploying a simple website or blog, Joomla was the choice for some complex setups involving things such as ecommerce, directories etc. Neither was perfect at their initial stage but out of the two, wordpress gained more user base due to it being user-friendly and ease of plugin development. With thousands of developers jumping in to create plugins and themes for wordpress, the advantages of deploying a website on this CMS grew and in present times, wordpress holds a major chunk of market share.

    Though wordpress is the most popular choice, there are a lot of free CMS softwares available that could be used to deploy a system.

    For example, for setting up a forum, paid software such as vBulletin has lots of alternatives such as :



    Vanilla Forums




    and for eCommerce, we have:







    With so many open source CMSes available to deploy a dynamic solution, the question is, which one is right suited for your application. A CMS good for one deployment may end up being a mess for deploying another system. Being a one time decision and the difficulty of switching between one CMS to another makes it critical to take an informed decision when launching a big project. W advise to connect to a professional team of programmers for your idea and you will be accurately guided of pros and cons of each system.

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