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Improve Website Security

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    Improve Website Security

    Securing your Business Data

    Been working in the industry for 20 years, we have seen many data theft issues and clients coming to us complaining about how poorly their website was maintained by previous developers and need us to review and harden the security of their business website. At Zycoon, we help our customers to lock down the platform with added security. We add multiple layers of protection, from htaccess, to PHP, to server end, lastly the firewall itself. So here we go about how we assist our clients to help achieve the maximum security.

    Initial Action & Security Enhancement Plan

    Enhance Website Security

    Before we start optimizing security, we review current situation and fix any issue present such as clean infected website or disable any compromised logins. Some of the first-aid we perform:

    • Scan website for malware, while the scan is in progress, we also review…
    • The system (hardware, software, configuration)
    • Manually review file system for any suspicious files.
    • Review software upgrades available and plan out the upgrade process.
    • Database review to see if users table is not compromised.
    • Generate a backup / restore point.
    • Review access and error logs.
    • Check running processes for any malware activity.

    Above is a very limited list and there is much more that we review on the way, a sophisticated malware can also create a cron job to auto download malware every minute so even on cleanup, it may return, so reviewing cron jobs is also a must. Basic idea is to review each and everything that can be compromised to infect the system.

    The Security Hardening Process

    Once we get to know the system, we prepare a plan which includes looking into the following areas for improving the protection.

    Malware Cleanup

    Security using htaccess

    Security using PHP

    Update any outdated software

    Lock Admin Access

    Improve Server Security

    The above six cover complete security from the server prospective, but on top of it, we can utilize third party services such as Cloudflare to protect the business from brute-force, hijacking etc. Other than that, we can also move your website to better server which has latest OS and offers higher security and performance.

    Let Zycoon Media assist with any of your security requirements.