Pay for cPanel or Switch to a Free Option

cPanel or alternatives

Is it worth paying for the cPanel licensing or do other alternatives work equally good

    cPanel or other Control Panel for Web Hosting

    If you are a webmaster or a hosting company, you may have always wondered if cPanel is the best option or if moving to a different platform will help you save costs. Well, the answer may be tricky and would depend on how many users are being hosted. For a hosting company which hosts thousands of users on each server, it may be a good idea to switch to a cheaper platform and with hundreds and thousands of server with each server hosting thousands of users and those users hosting millions of pages combined, it may end up in huge savings.

    For a single user, it may be actually worth to spend some money towards cPanel license as cPanel hosting provides a stable platform for hosting and allows hosting with minimal issues thus reducing manpower required to maintain the server. On the other hand, if you are a power user who knows linux well and wants to experiment, there are a lot of Free and Paid Control panel alternatives of cPanel, one being Plesk on the paid end which is highly popular and has premium support. On the free end, options such as CentOS Web Panel and Webmin are available to host a single website easily.

    Cpanel Alternatives For Hosting Website

    At Zycoon, we are flexible with using any Web Control Panel, but we always make sure that whatever platform we setup for customers, it should be secure enough, so first thing that we install and setup is a firewall to block malicious requests. Also, we try to secure and optimize server to their max capability and setup proper server backups for any disaster recovery.

    If you want a minimal maintenance setup, go with cPanel and CloudLinux combination otherwise with a ton of free web panels available, there is not stopping from using those alternatives. Just a side note on the alternatives is that you want to make sure that it will be supported in the future. If you start with any OS and it stops receiving updates and support, chances are that you are putting a business at risk of attack and data theft.

    At Zycoon Media, we help businesses in setting up custom servers for them, we handle complete setup including security and speed optimization which allows our customer to enjoy their faster and safer servers.