To buy VPS or Dedicated Server?

VPS vs Dedicated Hosting

Is your business struggling on shared hosting, what is the best hosting option.

    Virtual Private or Dedicated: Lets understand the options.

    Millions of businesses are using shared hosting to serve their website but many of them get kicked out of their hosting company for using too many server resources. On any shared server, the resources such as CPU, memory & disk IO are shared among all users hosted on that server thus if one user starts using all the resources, it may cause slowness for all other accounts on the same server. Ideally shared hosting should not work but with some monitoring tools, web hosting companies are able to detect abusers and suspend their hosting account to protect resources for other users.

    So while, most of the businesses do not use high number of resources, there can be a few who do, and those who have plain simple website may also end up being suspended, reason could be a DDos attack or scrapping or brute-force or someone making too many requests in a short time period. While moving to a VPS or dedicated is easy, its a little difficult to decide which one will be apt for the situation.

    While a Virtual Private Server can serve thousands of resources every minute, it may also fail if not properly configured, thus making the website to be moved to a dedicated machine. Is an expensive Dedicated machine or a cloud hosting services really the workaround or can a VPS be able to handle a huge resource demand.

    Optimized Vps Vs Dedicated Hosting

    VPS for High Load Website

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    Skip dedicated machine and opt for VPS

    A dedicated server may have more than the necessary resources and may be an overkill. Some may doubt about the VPS being able to serve good under high load. Let me tell you, at Zycoon, we have helped a lot of clients optimize their VPS servers to allow 10 times the load that they were initially able to handle with that VPS. Just with a proper inspection and correct modification of system to allow utilization of resources, businesses can save costs on hosting. Also, another reason why an optimized VPS may be better than a dedicated machine is that without any tweak, a dedicated machine may not perform good and may require optimization to lower Time to First Byte on the apache response. With all the optimizations in place, a VPS may be able to handle extreme request load with a breeze.

    Choice of optimizing a dedicated hosting server

    While we can use a optimized VPS, if the budget allows, a dedicated server machine combined with server optimization plus website optimization can do wonders and may allow the business to serve millions of requests per minute. But, whatever is the case, a well optimized machine should be the ideal way to proceed with moving hosting away from shared. Not only it help with user experience by providing fast loading pages, it also allows search engines to register a website as fast and allow improved positions in search results.

    If you need your server optimized for speed, let Zycoon Media jump in and do the needy. Contact us if you need any info.