TTFB reduction to speed up your website

Optimize your Website TTFB

Lower your TIme to First Byte to improve website speed and reduce load time

    Time to First Byte improvement can help your website load faster

    Boost Page Speed Score by Reducing your TTFB numbers

    Improve Ttfb Performance

    Optimizing Time to First Byte is essential to any online business, as with page web page being loaded in a browser, a higher first byte time may not seem as big of a number being in milliseconds, but when there are hundreds of resources loading on a single web page, which usually do, the speed is hit with a higher TTFB value. In our years of web industry experience, we have seen an average of between 100 to 200 resources being downloaded during each web page rendering, resources which include stylesheets, javascripts, images, font files, third party resources etc.

    When the number of resources being loaded is huge, total of all the milliseconds lost during ttfb can be greater than a second, which ultimately is causing your users to find delay in loading the website. You may have seen some websites load faster than others, though TTFB is not just the only factor, but those who optimize other areas on the website do review and improve TTFB numbers and optimize it for an overall faster UI load experience for the visitor. At Zycoon media, we do care about every single aspect of web experience, to make the web a smarter and faster place to live in.

    Lower TTFB for Faster Page Load Times

    Time To First Byte Optimization

    A professional team can help boost website performance and at Zycoon, we can highly optimize the website speed using different techniques such as resource reduction, content size optimization, cache setup, 3rd party Content delivery, reducing DNS lookup numbers by localization of resources, server optimization and implementation of 100’s of other strategies that help to boost page performance and speed up website loading.

    • Is your website loading slow and looks sluggish?
    • Are you wondering if the TTFB is causing your website to open at snail pace?
    • Is you business website not performing fast enough and having random server errors?
    • Are you using a server than needs optimization to improve Time to First Byte?
    • Got TTFB optimized by another server experts but still it not on optimum level?