Bandwidth Reduction and Rapid Delivery

Serving Images via CDN

Cache images remotely on CDN to improve content speed & reduce bandwidth usage

    Offload Images to Load from 3rd Party Servers

    Web Server Enhancements

    Is your website hosting too many images and other content, or your current hosting is offering limited bandwidth and you do not want to switch but want some other solution to fix the problem. Well, there is a solution for your bandwidth issues. If your website visitors are consuming too much of bandwidth, then you can signup for a CDN service that provides you with bandwidth saving option. Both paid as well as free Content Delivery options are available, so you will need to review what features distinguish the service between those providers, but with whatever option you go for, you will surely save some bandwidth.

    Also many CDN providers allow you to specify custom cache expiry rules that you can manually setup to increase the amount of saved bandwidth. By default, most of the content delivery networks have set a shorter expiry but if you know that the images or other resources are not going to change, then setting a high expiry such as a month or even an year if recommended.

    Also make sure that you do not cache html on the CDN as with any dynamic website, a cached html can cause issues and may make a dynamic website display incorrect user data. Also, apart from CDN caching, browser caching can also help save bandwidth. If a user is loading multiple pages of your website but the template loads some same resources across all your website, then its a good idea to browser cache those resources so that you have higher bandwidth savings.

    Let us know if you need any website modifications, CDN setup or need any other web related help.