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    Bump Up Your Website Speed

    Very limited developers or companies handling the website know that they can push the limits of what their hosting environment has to offer. With dynamic website loading hundreds of components that cause slowdowns and make your website appear to be loading slow, there are number of things that can be optimized to get the website load better.

    It may sound complicated but the things we are going to share are pretty straight-forward and allow developers with limited knowledge of server to actually implement the required actions. If that sounds too good to be true, lets deep dive into the process. We advise to take a backup of your system if you are not sure what you are doing, otherwise, we are good with moving ahead with the server optimization.

    Action Plan for Web Server Speed Optimization

    Website Speed Optimization

    Remember that optimization of a server can only bring the positive results, for both the search engines, that are able to fetch website faster and for your website users, who will be able to navigate through different pages, rocket fast. The tweeks can bring in the required speed, which is helpful for administrators as well, who will be able to manage website backend faster and with lesser amount of errors.

    The plan, in a quick fashion:

    • Enable PHP cache : Turn on Opcache to boost PHP performance and allow dynamic pages top be generated faster.
    • Enable Browser Caching : Sounds like a htaccess thing but can be done at server level to allow all sites hosted on your server to load repeated resources faster.
    • PHP Handler : There are different PHP handlers that are build around either safety or performance, select with care.
    • Configure firewall : Will help in improving server performance, not sure how? We will discuss in detail below.
    • Enable HTTP compression
    • MySQL tuning / caching in memory / enhanced security

    Enhancements that can boost server throughput

    Optimizing a hosting environment for optimal performance should be the ultimate goal. Let dig into the details:

    Turn-on Opcache

    Opcache can single-handedly allow upto 10x increase in server performance. With opcache enabled and configured properly for memory utilization, complied PHP is stored in memory thus allowing scripts to load faster for subsequent requests.

    Browser Caching

    Every website has resources that load on every page, such as common css and javascript files, it is a good idea to enable browser caching for such files, which allow the subsequent requests to be served from users browsing history.

    PHP Handler Optimization

    PHP Handlers such as CGI, fCGI, suPHP etc offer variable speed and security. For a handler which offers both speed and security, we recommend using Cloudlinux combined with LSphp which offer both security and performance in one package.

    Optimized via Firewall

    Sounds weird but this is true, a properly configured firewall can improve your server speed by blocking requests such as DDos, brute-forcing, scraping etc and save your server precious resources such as memory & CPU for serving your website.

    HTTP Compression

    Compressing http resources such as HTML, css, js etc can highly help your website to load super fast. Compressing text resources can save upto 95% of the request and your website visitors will be able to browse your website faster.

    MySQL Tuneup

    If you are overloaded with mySQL requests and frequently facing mySQL down or similar timeout issues, best time to optimize my.cnf file. Optimizing this file allows tweaking SQL to be stored in memory, caching of repeated mysql queries etc to help optimize db delivery.

    The above will greatly help improve your website loading, but let us know if you want to get us involved in optimizing your hosting server.