FFmpeg coding support for Video Creation and Editing

FFmpeg Development for Videos

PHP Software Development using FFmpeg to create videos on the fly

    We build FFmpeg based PHP web software to dynamically create and modify videos

    FFmpeg server setup and PHP Programming

    Are you searching for a PHP based video solution that will allow you to modify videos on the fly. Whether you want to your company logo as a watermark to the videos that you upload to the website or want to generate videos using PHP, Zycoon Media can build a FFmpeg software that can meet your needs. We are one of the best PHP development companies in Canada who have experience in setting up server environment that allows generating .mp4 or similar video files on the go.

    A business may need FFmpeg development for multiple reasons such as to provide a service to their customers to convert video into different formats, to generate GIF files for their video hosting service, to generate videos from scratch using either JPG and text input or using PDF / CSV or other data sources. The advantage of having an in-house solution for video handling are huge and open up a lot of potential for managing video content using PHP.

    Are you looking for FFmpeg programming support, Zycoon Media can build a complete solution for your business.

    Ffmpeg Software Development Services

    Complete FFmpeg services & solutions

    If your current linux or windows server does not support ffMPEG, we will try to upgrade the server to support FFmpeg and allow development of services around this PHP extension. Being resource intensive, for highly specialized and medium to large scale deployment, we would also recommend building an API access system that will allow service software to be deployed on one server and setup FFmpeg server on another system and inter-connect them using a custom built access. From setting up server, recompiling PHP, setting up a load balance structure that allows large scale video manipulation for businesses. We can custom code any possible solution, some of the popular solutions that we work on are:

    Add watermark to videos

    Combine multiple videos

    Split videos using FFmpeg

    Convert video formats

    Add Text Overlays

    Video over Video

    Convert Text to Video

    Extract images from videos

    Extract audio from video

    Fetch video file info

    Upscale or downscale videos

    FFmpeg video compression

    Create animated GIF

    Convert PDF to video

    Apply filters to videos

    Cost of FFmpeg programming services

    Our solutions are completely customized to individual requirements and we build code from scratch to make sure that the code is fully optimized for speed and is of high quality. The server utilization of an FFmpeg process is usually high but depends on how optimized is the code, Zycoon Media commits towards quality code that would help businesses reduce ongoing server cost thus adding to savings in the long run. We provide our services on an hourly pricing structure and provide ongoing and long software support for all businesses to help them keep the software up and running.